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Airhogg's Guide to make EASY and FREE money on Treasure Trooper

Welcome to Airhogg's guide to make easy money!

The name of the site is treasure trooper. This site allows you to make money each month by just completing surveys! And it's 100% free! This site is deffinatly worth your time.

Just click my referral link below to join if you have not already.



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Some Useful Tips Before Starting

  • Before doing any surveys I would suggest making a new email address so that your primary email will not get loaded down with emails.
  • I would also get what they call roboform. With this you can instantly fill in blanks that request information. Just go to www.roboform.com
  • I would also get an online telephone and use this telephone instead of your home phone. You can find one at www.netzero.net and join. You can get a free phone and email.


             How To Join

  • Once you have went to the link above, click register at the bottom of the page.
  • Then Just fill in the information needed. Now you must be totally truthful when registering, especially if you want your check.
  • You can choose do get your payments by check or paypal.
  • Once you are done you will get a confirmation email from treasure trooper to confirm your membership.
  • Then after you confirm, your done registering!


Once You Join

  1. Just go to CASH OFFERS and scroll done and slick the survey you want to do. The surveys that are for $.25 to $1.00 are 100% free. Some pay up to $45.00! Once you have completed the survey click the DONE button. once you do this you get to play a game where you have to choose one of three clams. If you choose the right one you get a pearl. Get 8 pearls and you can buy a friendship bracelet. Check out the Mabutu's Trading Hut Guide for details on what all you can get.

 Tips For Once Your a Member

  • Most of the Cash Offers that are on Treasure Trooper are posted by one company or whatever. So when you complete a survey the information that you put in is stored on your computer as cookies. So the company will not approve your offer again if you don't delete you cookies. Make sure to delete your cookies before starting a survey. To do so go to tools > Internet Options > Delete Browsing History > Delete Cookies.
  • I would suggest that you only do about four or five surveys a day, because TT may not approve all of them if you do a lot of surveys in one day.
  • Be totally truthful on all of the surveys.
  • I would suggest that you check the forum often. You can find great tips and enter contest.


Mabutu's Trading Hut Guide

  • Forum Treasure Hunt Ticket - purchase this ticket and you will be eligible to participate in the next forum treasurehunt worth a lot of cash.
  • Treasure Map Fragments - purchase all four pieces of the map and you can go on the $100 treasure hunt.
  • Ruby - now one knows this one because it's a secret. But it is supposed to worth the gold coins you pay for it.
  • Pearl Friendship Bracelet- get 8 pearls and you can purchase this. once you have purchased this the next two unrefereed members to sign up become your referrals! check out the Referrals section below.
  • Mabutu's Secret- purchase this and Mabutu will tell you a very very important secret. 
  • Mousepad -  choose from two different mouse pads.
  • Bumper Sticker - a bumper sticker to show your TT pride!
  • Trooper's Journal Page - get a one page for your journal for hints that will lead to more money
  • You can also buy the following: Amazon gift card, Visa gift card, an Ipod Nano, and even an Xbox 360!



  • Gold Coin - you can buy stuff with these in Mabutu's Trading Hut.
  • Platinum Coins - this coin is worth approximately $1.



  • Get 8 peals and you can buy the friendship bracelet in Mabutu's Trading Hut.


  • When you become a member you will get a account #. You can sign up friends by putting /you#here after the TT address. You will get 20% of the total amount that your first level referrals make, but your referrals won't loss no money. You will just get money added to your account. You will get 5% of the total amount that your second level referrals make.
  • You can also get two referrals just by purchasing the friendship bracelet at Mabutu's Trading Hut.


Treasure Hunt

  • To go on the $100 Treasure Hunt you must first buy all 4 of the Treasure Maps in Maubutu's Trading Hut. This will cost you exactly 40 gold coins. Then when you get all 4 if the treasure maps, you must go to My Treasure and scroll down to the bottom of the page. Next, click on the link that says View My Treasure Map. then when it loads there should be a link at the bottom of the page that says go on treasure hunt. Once you see this you are on your way to winning the 100 dollars. Complete the all the acts and you win!


Jack's Jackpot

  • You can find the link to Jack's Jackpot at at the right edge of the screen. To enter Jack's Jackpot you must complete a short survey. By completeing the offer Jack adds 50 cents to the jackpot. The only thing is that you can only enter the jackpot once a month. Once the survey that you did is confirmed you can go back to the Jack's Jackpot link and it will say offer complete. Good luck!













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